Montreal Alouettes Canadian Football Odds

Canadian Football odds at the sportsbook would seem to indicate that the Montreal Alouettes had a great 2008 but looking at little deeper reveals that was really not the case.

The Alouettes won a very weak Eastern Division and then got taken out by Calgary in the Grey Cup in Canadian Football betting.

Canadian Football odds at the sports book are going to favor Montreal again in 2009 but the Alouettes are not without weaknesses. Montreal will be without defensive back Randee Drew to start the season as he is recovering from ACL surgery in the off-season. Montreal ranked 4th in offense last season in terms of yardage as Canadian Football odds stats show and 5th in defense so improvements are needed. The problem for the Alouettes in Canadian Football odds is that they really didn’t do much in the off-season to improve. Montreal plays in a weak division and most of the teams couldn’t take advantage of their weaknesses. “At times last year teams moved the ball easily against us. But it was only at times, though,” cornerback Davis Sanchez said. “At other times, we looked good.” Montreal did sign defensive tackle Jerome Haywood, linebacker Cam Hall and defensive back Stanford Samuels. How much those players help in Canadian Football betting remains to be seen. The Aloulettes did rank 2nd in the league last season in sacks as Canadian Football betting numbers show, but many of them came because of Drew’s ability to handle receivers in single coverage. If he is out for any extended time then Montreal is in trouble versus Canadian Football odds this season. Canadian Football odds information tells us that Montreal also has to decide on their starting safety, either Matthieu Proulx or Etienne Boulay.

The strength for Montreal in terms of Canadian Football odds is on offense. Quarterback Anthony Calvillo was the CFL’s outstanding player and lead an offense that scored a league-leading 610 points in 2008 as Canadian Football betting stats showed. Can a 37 year old player continue to shine in Canadian Football odds? Will the loss of some veteran depth on the offensive line hurt the Alouettes in Canadian Football odds at the sportsbook?

Canadian Football odds at the sports book will favor Montreal most of the time, especially when they play within the division. The Alouettes may be overvalued though in Canadian Football betting. Keep in mind that Montreal was just 10-8 versus the Canadian Football odds last season.

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