Boxing Betting Tips and Professional Boxing Rules

November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing Betting Tips, Professional Boxing Rules and Regulations at SBG Global Sports Betting.

There are three title fights in professional boxing: IBF (International Boxing Federation), WBC (World Boxing Council) and WBA (World Boxing Association).

A concrete schedule does not exist for title fights. Boxing betting schedule is according to the fight arrangements. A boxer holding any one of these titles is deemed Champion of the World for their specific weight class and title. A boxer holding all three titles is the Unified Champion. The following list details the breakdown of weight classes according to the IBF, WBC and WBA.

Weight Class
Weight Limit


 Up to 105 lb

 Junior Flyweight

 105 to 108 lb


 108 to 112 lb 

 Super Flyweight / Junior Bantamweight

 112 to 115 lb


 115 to 118 lb

 Super Bantamweight / Junior Featherweight

 118 to 122 lb


 122 to 126 lb

 Super Featherweight / Junior Lightweight

 126 to 130 lb


 130 to 135 lb

 Super Lightweight / Junior Lightweight

 135 to 140 lb


 140 to 147 lb

 Super Welterweight / Junior Middleweight

 147 to 154 lb


 154 to 160 lb

 Super Middleweight

 160 to 168 lb

 Light Heavyweight

 168 to 175 lb


 175 to 200 lb


 Over 200 lb

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