Webber Surprise Winner at the Bridgestone F1 Betting Action

Just when the F1 betting world thought Mark Webber’s season was over he goes out and captures a victory at the British Grand Prix.

And what F1 odds win it was.  It not only got him back into the fight for the top position in the Drivers Standings but it also gave his team, Red Bull, a much needed boost in the Constructors Cup race, a competition that McLaren had been dominating recently in the F1 betting action.

On Sunday the Red Bulls had a good chance to put some points on the board as the cars were fast in qualifying with Red Bull driver and hated teammate of Webber, Sebastian Vettel, actually captured the pole of for the British Grand Prix F1 betting event.  It was actually Vettel who was favored early on in the F1 odds for this race but when the checkered flag finally dropped it was Webber that enjoyed the ultimate spoils of the F1 betting action. 

Webber’s F1 betting victory puts him third in the Drivers Standings with 128 points as he leapfrogged Vettel in the competition.  Former F1 betting champ Lewis Hamilton remains first in the competition with 145 points after finishing second to Webber on his home track in the UK.  McLaren teammate and defending F1 betting world champion, Jenson Button remains second in the Drivers Standings after placing third in the recent F1 odds event at Silverstone.

The McLaren cars had struggled all week in the qualifying and the team must be pleased with the 2-3 podium finishes of both its drivers.  Over the past four races McLaren has been on fire with winning two of the events and at least one driver finishing second place or better in those four F1 betting events.

The top performances of late as helped McLaren establish a huge lead in the Constructors Cup competition.  Webber’s victory helped the Red Bulls stay relevant but McLaren still owns the team table.  After Sunday’s race McLaren has 278 points and the Red Bulls are 29 points back with 249.  The only other team with even slightest glimmer of hope of catching McLaren is Ferrari with 165 points.

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