F1 Betting

F1 betting or Formula One betting as it is sometimes called, is a form of auto racing betting that appeals to many gamblers around the world.

Formula One, abbreviated to F1 is a series of races, known as Grand Prix races held around the world.F1 betting usually involves the full Formula One season which consists of 18 races.  The F1 world championship season covers those races and the results of each race earn drivers and teams points toward the Championships. 

F1 betting is quite popular as many gamblers get involved in betting the races.  The sport is watched by millions of people around the world.  Europe is where the majority of the F1 betting races are held.  In addition, Grand Prix races are held in China, Turkey, Malaysia, Canada and the United States.  Even Singapore holds a race for fans of auto racing betting.  India is expected to hold a race in 2010.  Many fans of auto racing betting know that teams are the thing in F1 betting.  Formula One is the world’s most expensive sport and teams are financed by the world’s big shots in auto racing.  McLaren, Penske, Ferrari and others spend millions of dollars each year.

F1 betting for most gamblers involves two main auto racing betting choices.  There is the F1 betting option of picking a driver to win a race and there is the F1 betting matchup option.  In addition to those two F1 betting choices, sometimes you will see qualifying betting, and other propositions like number of cautions, etc.

F1 betting is an exciting type of auto racing betting that appeals to many gamblers around the world since the races are held in many different countries.  Unlike NASCAR, the Formula One races are seen all over the world.

As you consider F1 betting this season remember that there are 18 races to choose from.  You can also bet the matchups where they are listed in addition to the F1 betting odds on each race.  Take a look at the many different choices you have for Formula One today.