Sinopec Chinese Grand Prix F1 Odds at SBG Global

F1 odds for the Sinopec Chinese Grand Prix have defending champion Lewis Hamilton as one of the main favorites.

The F1 betting odds for the race on Sunday, April 19th should be interesting with a number of drivers having a shot to win.

F1 odds may favor Hamilton but he is not the only contender this week. Felipe Massa, who finished second last year, is also a threat in F1 odds as is Kimi Raikkonen who finished third last year. Raikkonen was the F1 odds winner of this race in 2007. Michael Schumacher won in 2006; Fernando Alonso won in 2005 while Rubens Barrichello won in 2004. Last year Hamilton won in F1 odds with relative ease. He was 14.9 seconds ahead of Felipe Massa at the finish.

The 2009 season of F1 odds could see some interesting results. Hamilton is obviously the favorite in F1 odds but other drivers could have a chance this year. The F1 wing sizes will be reduced, slick tires will be used this year, movable front wing flaps will be allowed and Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems will be used. That is a lot for teams to handle in 2009 and it could mean some interesting F1 odds on a weekly basis. Hamilton will be favored but Raikkonen and Massa should be right there as well.

The 2009 Formula One season will be the 60th season of F1 action. There will be a total of nine teams competing for the Championship and all are listed on the F1 betting odds board. There could be an additional team added since a spot is open for Honda but so far there are no buyers for the team.

There will be a total of 17 races in F1 odds for the 2009 season. The season will end on November 1st with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which is on the F1 betting odds schedule for the first time. Two races, the French Grand Prix and the Canadian Grand Prix were dropped from the F1 betting odds schedule.

F1 odds are available on the drivers each week and there are oftentimes driver matchups as well in F1 odds. Both of these choices are great to consider for the races each week.

F1 odds can be wagered on each week at SBG Global. Open your account today and you can be wagering on the best Formula One action each week.

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