F1 Betting season just around the corner

F1 betting is one of the most popular forms of sports betting in the world.

And with the season just weeks away from getting underway F1 betting fans around the world can breathe easy. F1 betting has long been a global favorite of auto racing betting fans for many reasons.

One of the most obvious reasons for this is the fact that F1 betting is a simply thrilling event that cannot be duplicated.

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In the sport of F1 betting the fastest most technologically advanced cars are featured. And of course, the highest skilled drivers in the world are also paid handsomely to pilot these F1 betting vehicles. When you combine the top cars in the world with the best drivers in the world it’s no doubt that F1 betting has been such a winning combination for so many years.

But aside from the top equipment and top drivers, F1 betting has something else that has made it hugely popular among the auto racing audience world wide.

And that is the fact that F1 is one of the only truly global racing circuits in all of auto racing betting. There are of course many exciting racing leagues around the world but none comes close to having the international scope that F1 betting does.

And it’s easy to see what I mean. Simply take a look at the driving roster of the next F1 betting event and you will see names from many different languages taken from all over the globe. Simply look at the top three drivers from last year in F1 betting for a fair sampling and you’ll see drivers from Spain, Iceland and Great Britain. That’s certainly not something you’ll see in every auto racing betting league and is specific only to F1 betting.

So as the upcoming F1 betting season gets nearer and nearer you can be certain that there is an entire global audience that is wild with anticipation for Melbourne Australia to finally get the first F1 betting event of the year underway.