Auto Racing Betting Odds on Macau at SBG Global

Auto racing odds makers cover a whole host of race courses in the course of a racing season.

However, ask anyone of the auto racing betting odds makers what the most challenging course in auto racing odds is and the reply will be unanimous. The Macau Grand Prix is without peer when it comes to challenging race courses and is universally acknowledged as the most demanding course in all of auto racing odds.

Auto racing odds fans not familiar with grand prix style racing are not likely familiar with the setup. For example, many American auto racing betting odds fans are familiar only with the oval tracks featured in auto racing betting odds for the likes of NASCAR and Indy Car racing. This type of auto racing odds betting is quite challenging in its own right but simply can’t hold a candle to road course racing. And when it comes to road course auto racing odds there is no course more difficult and exciting than the road course featured in the Grand Prix of Macau auto racing betting odds.

Held in the former Portuguese colony of Macau just out side of Hong Kong, the event has everything an auto racing odds enthusiast could ever hope for. The straights on the course are long and fast and the cars can reach over 160 mph before heading into the corners. For open wheeled racing on a road course that is a tremendous amount of speed and it’s not wasted on auto racing odds fans. Speaking of the corners, there are plenty here for auto racing betting odds enthusiasts to sink their teeth into. In fact, among auto racing odds drivers, the hair pin turn and switch backs on the hill climb section of the course is considered the most demanding of any road course featured in auto racing odds.

The fast straights along with the tight turns make this auto racing odds course terribly demanding and if drivers fail to negotiate either section it’s not a pretty sight. The course barriers are unforgiving and can result in terrible auto racing odds accidents. But, that’s in part what makes the Macau Grand Prix the most challenging event in auto racing odds.

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