Auto Racing Odds at SBG Global

Auto racing odds on NASCAR, Indy Car races and Formula One races involve two main betting options.

You can bet on a driver to win a race outright or you can bet a driver to win a matchup against another driver in auto racing betting odds. Auto racing odds will vary quite a bit depending upon the series you are betting.  NASCAR odds will oftentimes offer more value since more drivers are competing in each race.  The NASCAR races have 43 drivers competing against each other and that makes for some interesting auto racing odds.  In Formula One and Indy car racing there are not as many drivers, therefore, the auto racing odds are lower. 

Not many drivers have a realistic chance to win each week in Indy car and Formula One races and that means lower auto racing betting odds on the few drivers that do win.  NASCAR has also seen this happen in recent seasons with the domination of Jimmy Johnson, Jeff Gordon and Tony Stewart.  Usually in NASCAR though, the chance for a driver to win at double-digit auto racing odds is greater.  It is not unheard of each week for a driver outside of the top 10 to win.  That rarely happens in auto racing odds in Indy car or Formula One racing.

Auto racing odds are interesting to follow in all three of the series but for different reasons.  Formula One is really dominated by the McLaren drivers so getting value on other drivers does happen.  The problem is that the other drivers rarely win.  The same thing happens in Indy Cars although not quite to the same extent.  At least in Indy Car auto racing odds there are more than two drivers that have a realistic chance to win.  You also see in auto racing odds in the Indy Car series that some drivers like Danica Patrick are overvalued.  She has yet to win a race and still has auto racing betting odds that are too low.

Auto racing odds are always interesting to follow but you need to understand the differences as you look at the respective series.  Don’t assume anything as you bet auto racing betting odds from series to series.  Just because you get low odds in one series does not mean that will be the case in the other ones.  Each series must be handicapped separately and auto racing odds on each series present their own betting opportunities.