NASCAR Odds: Who Will Win the Races

NASCAR odds fans would love to know in advance which drivers will be the first to cross the finish line and bet accordingly.

And while there is absolutely no way to know which drivers will win in the NASCAR betting odds this year, it’s much easier to eliminate the likely playoff teams that have no real shot at winning the NASCAR odds.

NASCAR odds fans try and get a jump on the odds makers and bet on NASCAR betting odds while they are still fresh. Often times, their favorite drivers will be the ones to finish within the top 10 and the NASCAR odds returns much greater for bettors who bet early on. This year when it comes to making a NASCAR odds bet several months out the easiest way to arrive at a conclusion is to pick the usual winners.

In NASCAR odds, there are several drivers that can be tossed out of the hunt quite easily. Don’t count on newcomers to take the win. Their presence in the NASCAR odds has not been made yet, and nobody really knows how they will perform yet. The best bet for NASCAR odds fans is to stick with the winners. There is not much you can do to handicap the NASCAR betting odds because in this sport, in a split second anything can happen and your bet can go from a sure win to a terrible loss.

Certain drivers like Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Carl Edwards, are usually a lock to finish the NASCAR betting odds either in the Top 5, and if not, in the Top 10. The NASCAR odds for any of these drivers look good for a win in just about any race. Kyle Busch was a very dominant force in 2008 NASCAR odds, having won 22 races in the Sprint Cup Series, Nationwide Series, and Craftsman Truck Series.

Dale Jr. didn’t do as well, winning only 3 races in the 3 series. Carl Edwards finished right in between the three, having won 15 NASCAR odds races. So although in many other sports the best value doesn’t always come from big name teams, and sometimes the underdog may provide the better value, in NASCAR often the best value comes from big name racers. Betting on an underdog is an almost certain way to lose your money.

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