NASCAR Odds Value

NASCAR odds on races each week will involve two basic betting options. You will see NASCAR betting odds on drivers to win a race and you will also see individual NASCAR odds on matchups.

NASCAR odds value is sometimes difficult to find since the Hendrick cars can dominate races. With 43 cars entered each week it would seem that many drivers would have a chance to win but the Hendrick drivers, Jimmy Johnson and Jeff Gordon seem to win a lot of the time.

You should remember though that in sports betting things can change. Just because the Hendrick cars are strong today does not mean they will be dominating this season. NASCAR odds can offer value but that usually means betting the matchups. When you look at NASCAR odds in terms of matchups you will probably have about 10 matchups to choose from.

That should give you some good choices on the NASCAR betting odds board. Matchups in terms of NASCAR odds are based on money lines. That means all you have to do is have your driver finish ahead of the other driver to win. For example, Jeff Gordon could be matched up against Jimmy Johnson on the NASCAR betting odds board. The line might have both drivers at -110 in terms of NASCAR odds. This is a simple money line wager where you risk $110 for every $100 you want to win or the 11/10 equivalent. You could compare it to a baseball money line where you have a favorite and an underdog. You may see one driver listed at -200 or more if the public starts to bet him in NASCAR betting odds.

NASCAR odds value can sometimes be found on other betting options like how many cautions a race will have, the number of the winning car, etc. Looking for value doesn’t always have to involve the obvious bets in NASCAR odds so keep that in mind. Look at some of the other options offered on the races each week. Tracks that have a history of wrecks could offer good value on the cautions option in NASCAR odds. Other tracks that see a lot of green flag racing might offer you a good bet on the under in terms of cautions on the NASCAR odds board. The bottom line is to look for value in NASCAR betting odds.