NASCAR Odds on Hot Commodity at SBG Global

For decades this sport wallowed in relative regional obscurity and NASCAR betting odds were of little interest other than to a few hard core NASCAR odds enthusiasts in the deep, deep south.

Times have changed and now NASCAR odds are not only south out all across the US, but now NASCAR odds have even struck a chord with international audiences.

NASCAR odds attract a very diverse mix of fans.  Auto racing is one of the most perfect sports for betting that it shouldn’t be all that surprising that NASCAR odds have become so popular with the general public. 

What might be more surprising is that it took so long for the NASCAR odds to make inroads with the general betting public.  For many years it was overshadowed by Indy racing but after that sport collapsed there is absolutely no comparison in terms of popularity of NASCAR odds and Indy racing odds.

Indy car once enjoyed huge advantage over NASCAR betting odds and it even had a small following outside of the US.  That is no loner the case and NASCAR odds have catapulted to crazy levels of popularity.  In fact, NASCAR odds now are in demand in many foreign markets, something that even the most hardcore NASCAR betting odds fans could have imagined just a decade ago.  Much of this increase in demand of NASCAR odds in foreign markets is the result of clever marketing.

NASCAR marketers have tried to appeal to the Hispanic audience in the US and have had encouraging results.  NASCAR odds are now in high demand amongst the US Latino community and that has spilled over to Latin countries as well.  Latinos have proven to be big fans of NASCAR odds and the racing spectacle that NASCAR puts on.

But more than just advertising races in Spanish or small scale marketing attempts like that, demand for NASCAR odds in foreign countries like Mexico, likely has much more to do with the fact that NASCAR actually holds a race there every year.  This, more than any marketing attempt, has likely caused an increase in NASCAR betting odds.  Also the emergence of Latino drivers in recent years in NASCAR has no doubt helped fuel interest in foreign countries for NASCAR odds.

Last year the much heralded F-1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya became the first full time Latino and Columbian born driver to ever appear in the NASCAR odds.  Not only did he have a great year on the track but he also helped propel the popularity of NASCAR odds in foreign markets.

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