Kyle Busch looks set for a big year on Nascar Betting Odds at SBG Global

NASCAR betting odds fans disagree on many things. Fords vs. Chevys, Hendrick vs. Childress, Goodyear vs. Bridgestone and many other NASCAR odds related disagreements.

But one thing that nearly every NASCAR betting odds fan and analyst can agree on is the fact that Kyle Busch is fattest driver on the planet right now. NASCAR betting odds experts have been expecting big things out of this young driver for years now, but at only 22 years of age he’s achieving these big moments in NASCAR betting odds action much quicker than anyone expected.

Take for example his big win at the Kobalt Tools 500 NASCAR betting odds event on Sunday. While the rest of the field struggled with finding the right line and the tire combination Busch simply drove through the difficulties and earned his first NASCAR odds win for Gibbs Racing.

The NASCAR betting odds win must have been extra sweet considering that he outlasted all his old former teammates and beat the NASCAR betting odds teams that discarded him last year in favor of Dale Earnhardt Jr. With the win and all the future potential that Busch has, many NASCAR betting odds fans are now wondering if Hendrick made the right decision. Gibbs Racing has to be pleased with how things worked out and is certainly looking forward to the next NASCAR betting odds racing event.

Busch has been on the cusp of greatness in the past with five NASCAR betting odds victories in the past. The big challenge for Busch will be able to keep up his winning ways versus the NASCAR odds. He has always had the talent when it comes to winning NASCAR betting odds events, but it’s been the consistency that he’s been missing. This year that consistency has been much better than in any other NASCAR odds season. Busch has consistently been the fastest driver in the NASCAR betting odds events this season even though he has only one win.

The NASCAR betting odds win at Atlanta was the break through he’d been looking for and it looks as though it could be a launching pad for NASCAR betting odds greatness.