Jenson’s 2nd win in the F1 betting season in China

Jenson Button is living a charmed life this F1 betting season.

Out of the competition for several years prior earning a full time spot in the F1 betting odds competition two years ago the British racing sensation has come back to the F1 wagering competition better than ever and after capturing the Chinese Grand Prix betting title he’s on pace to grab his second straight Driver title in Formula One betting.

The F1 odds season is still in the opening stages and it’s much too early to try and predict who this year’s champ will be, but right now the F1 odds are Button.  Through four races in the 2010 sports betting action Button already has two wins, more than any other driver in the F1 odds competition.

With that remarkable 50% winning percentage, he’s on pace to win 9 Formula One betting races which would, for all intents and purposes, be enough to take the Driver Championship.

After qualifying well in Shanghai Button drove a clean race and his pit crew seemed to have the car perfectly tuned for the track and for the driver.

Team McClaren is on fire right now and as Button’s teammate and former F1 betting champ and fellow Brit Lewis Hamilton is also off to a tremendous start to sports betting season, sitting fourth in the Driver Standings after a second place finish in Shanghai.

McClaren’s 1-2 finish at the Chinese Grand Prix has helped the team put some distance between itself (109 points) and the other teams.  Ferrari (90 points), after claiming just 14 points in China remains in second in the team standings but gave up ground to McClaren.

Team Red Bull remains the surprise of the season as it clings to third place (73 points) and seems like the one team that might be able to challenge McClaren and Ferrari for the top spot in the Formula One team betting contest.

But German Driver Nico Rosberg might have something to say about that as his remarkable consistency in the F1 betting season thus far has propelled him into the second spot in the Driver Table and lifted Team Mercedes all the way to 3th in the F1 odds action team standings.

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