Jenson Button Wants Strong Start F1 betting

F1 betting may not favor Jenson Button as the Formula One season is getting ready to begin but that doesn’t mean last year’s champion is not confident.

And it does not mean he can’t win the opening race in F1 odds. F1 betting has seen Button move to the McLaren team this season. Along with teammate Lewis Hamilton, a lot is expected at McLaren in 2010 F1 betting

Button and Hamilton are among the contenders in F1 odds for the opening race of the F1 season in Bahrain. "I want to get straight into it to get the best result I can with the new car, because over the last few years the driver who has won the first race has gone on to win the championship," Button said, "You can get some really big points in the first races when other people are making mistakes or are not ready for every scenario."

Last season in F1 betting, Button got off to a great start, winning six of the first seven races.  He needed that cushion since the latter part of the year did not go as well. "There’s a lot of work to do before we even think of stepping into the car. That’s what I am going to do now so I am 100 per cent ready when we get to Bahrain. I don’t want any excuses," he said.

Button and Hamilton are the last two champions in F1 betting and some people don’t believe they can co-exist on the same team.  Hamilton is the favorite in F1 odds to win the season championship but just barely. Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher are given an excellent chance as well. Button is the fourth choice in F1 betting.

In other Formula One news, US F1 is set to announce that Jose Maria Lopez will be a driver for them.  He will be sponsored by the Automobile Club of Argentina. US F1 is expected to have their first car assembled and ready for testing in February.  Lopez has been driving in the touring car series in Argentina.  He won the TC2000 championship and won last year’s TopRace V6 championship.

F1 betting odds have Hamilton as the favorite this season followed by Alonso, Schumacher, Button and Sebastian Vettel.  Felipe Massa and Nico Rosberg are the other two drivers with F1 odds of less than 10-1 to win the title.

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