Japan F1 Betting Odds at SBG Global

Over the past few decades Japan has become a hot bed of racing and mainstay on the F1 betting odds circuit.

Japan has a long and storied history of open-wheeled racing and just this year it was the sight of Danica Patrick’s first win -the first of its kind for top open-wheeled racing, F1 betting odds or otherwise. And when the grand prix odds event is hosted here on October 12, there is sure to be more F1 betting history to be made.

The Japanese F1 betting odds event has historically been the last on the grand prix odds schedule and as such has seen many a F1 betting odds champ crowned here. This year the Japanese grand prix odds event will not crown the season champ but because this year’s F1 betting odds are as close as they’ve ever been, it’s very likely that the finishing in this grand prix odds event will be integral in crowning the overall champ.

Last year’s F1 betting odds champ at the Japanese Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton, will be looking to repeat his earlier success in the grand prix odds.  As a rookie Hamilton dominated this F1 betting event winning the pole and going onto win the F1 betting event and setting a lap record in the process.  The grand prix odds event will be hosted at the Suzuka circuit which is a classic F1 betting odds track reminiscent of the mid century closed circuit design. On the backside of the F1 betting odds course there is a jumble of weaving turns in both directions including four hairpin turns. There is also to mini-straight-aways that allow for passing in the F1 betting odds order during the twisting back-stretch.

But the crown jewel of this F1 betting odds track is the enormous straight stretch in front of grand stand. After battling to death in the maze of turns on the back, the drivers engage in an all out sprint to the post on the other end of this classic F1 betting odds track. Hamilton has tamed the Suzuka beast once and must be considered the favorite to do it again in this year’s F1 betting odds.

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