Italian Grand Prix is F1 Betting Dream

F1 betting for the 2009 Formula One season has been a little less than exciting as Jenson Button has dominated two thirds of the races run.

Both he and Sebastian Vettel are the F1 betting favorites to win the Hungarian Grand Prix, and things don’t seem likely to change much by the time the drivers take the trip to Monza, Italy. With the Hungarian, Belgian, and European Grand Prix still to be run, it seems as if the best bet on F1 to place would be with him to win. Last year’s top two drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa are far from the top, with Massa 46 points behind the lead, and Lewis Hamilton, thanks to a disqualification in the first F1 betting race of the season, 59 points behind the lead.

F1 betting fans, if they placed their money wisely, chose Button to win during the right races. Though it may not have provided the greatest F1 betting value, he just kept winning and winning. Betting on Vettel during 7 of the last 9 races was a bad idea, as the moneyline F1 betting value was terrible and on top of that he didn’t finish first.

This race, however, may be a turnaround. Button may not take the Italian Grand Prix, seeing as how Vettel has already won this race and knows what it takes to come in first. Chances are a bet on F1 for the German racer will be a better idea for this race as he is a F1 betting favorite, and will likely win.

Last year, the 22-year-old German native Vettel won the Italian Grand Prix at Autodromo Nazionale Monza and became the youngest racer to ever win a F1 betting race. For this reason his chances seem better to win in Monza than they did in all the other races. However, Button is still a heavy looming F1 betting force and can still probably do better than Vettel did last year.

Kimi Räikkönen completely dropped off the F1 betting map; a shame seeing as how he holds the 3rd place for all time most fastest laps. So did Hamilton, the defending world champion. Their chances to take this bet on F1 race seem very slim.

Look for a bet on F1 on either Sebastian Vettel or Jenson Button to come in first at the Italian Grand Prix this F1 betting season.