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Indy car betting fans come in every stripe imaginable. They come from all walks of like and have many interests aside from auto racing betting.

But no matter what their interests may be there isn’t a single Indy car betting fan that isn’t familiar with the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway, perhaps the most recognized race track in the world.
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Indy car betting after all derives it name from the very speedway that hosts auto racing betting’s marquee event, the Indianapolis 500. When trying to describe the Indianapolis Motor Speedway it’s almost impossible to know where to start. There is so much Indy car betting history and Indy car betting tradition here that it’s almost too much to put in words. All the legends of auto racing betting have raced here as have all the top drivers in Indy car betting. But it’s not only Indy car betting drivers that make this place special, but Formula One and NASCAR also hold events here. So in fact, auto racing betting fans can say without a doubt that the top drivers in the world have all taken laps at Indy car betting’s hallowed grounds. Former champs here include such diverse names as the great Michael Schumacher, Mario Andretti, Tony Stewart and many others. As you can see from the diversity of this winners list that the greatness of the Indianapolis Motor Speed way is not reserved exclusively for Indy car betting, but Indy car betting is certainly what put the venerable old Brickyard on the map. Today the track is the best known institution in Indy car betting and perhaps in all of auto racing betting. Its 2.5 miles of racing history, a working museum of sorts that continues to provide chills and thrills for millions of Indy car betting fans. Built in 1909 the track is approaching its hundredth birthday, an event that will certainly be celebrated accordingly within the Indy car betting universe. At 2.5 miles in length with four uniforms turns and plenty of speed, this track set the standard for Indy car betting and has spawned a long list of imitators throughout Indy car betting ever since. It is a national treasure and a monument to all that is good and great about Indy car betting.

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