Indianapolis 500 winners are cream of the international crop at SBG Global

Over the years the race has produced dozens of victors that have gone one to do other great things, but for most, being called Indianapolis 500 winners is the high point of their career.

Indianapolis 500 winners are a varied and diverse lot. However, they all share one thing in common and that is the simple fact that they have the biggest race in Indy car betting and now share the title Indianapolis 500 winner.

Indianapolis 500 winners come from all parts of the globe and from every type of background imaginable. Dozens of countries have been represented in the Indianapolis 500 winners circle and dozens of languages have been spoken by winners as well. At its heart the Indy 500 is the most international of all Indy car betting events simply due to its diverse list of winners. Drivers from Europe, South America and North America have all been welcomed in the Indianapolis 500 winners circle and that fraternity keeps growing every year as the popularity of Indy car betting spreads around the globe.

The U.S. has dominated the list of Indianapolis 500 winners which is perhaps to be expected from such a large country and the host nation. But there have been plenty of foreign born Indianapolis 500 winners as well. The first foreign driver to be added to the Indianapolis 500 winners list was Jules Goux in the third running of the Indy car betting event. That win actually set off a four-year streak in which the winner of the Indianapolis 500 betting event was won by foreign drivers, which was then followed by an incredible 46-year run in which the U.S. dominated the Indianapolis 500 winners circle.

But of late, the Indianapolis 500 winners list has been highly international in its scope. The defending champ is simply the latest foreign born driver to be added to the Indianapolis 500 winners list (Dario Franchitti of Scotland). Over the past two decades there has actually been more foreign drivers added to the Indianapolis 500 winners list than American born drivers. And with the appeal of Indy car betting growing at an international level that Indianapolis 500 winners list will likely only grow in terms of nationalities represented.