Grand Prix of Europe a fine F1 Betting opportunity at SBG Global

F1 betting season is just hitting its stride as the European leg of the season gets underway.

And when it comes to F1 betting, there is no more European betting grand online prix opportunity than the Grand Prix of Europe -a quintessentially European affair. This year the Grand Prix of Europe will be held in Valencia Spain and the as usual the F1 betting should be fantastic.

Fans of F1 betting and racing purists are glad to see this event back on the calendar after a several decades hiatus. Since 1999 the Grand Prix of Europe has been mainstay once again on the betting grand online prix calendar and it’s been a great addition to the f1 betting.  Traditionally the race has rotated around the various F1 betting tracks of Europe and each year a different track has been designated to the host the well known F1 betting event.

But in reality it might as well be known as the Michael Schumacher Grand Prix. Granted the winnigest driver in the history of F1 betting has won many races on many tracks but of the past 12 races run, Schummi has won six of them -awfully impressive betting grand online prix odds. What’s more of the past eight events here, six of them have been won by Schumacher or F1 betting champ Fernando Alonso.

Alonso must be considered among the F1 betting favorites in this year’s race as well. Racing in front of his fellow countryman Alonso always seems to do well in Spanish F1 betting events and knows the lay out of his track better than anyone in F1 betting. Although his ride with Renault has been less than impressive thus far in the F1 betting season, the European Grand Prix could be just the thing he needs to kick start his F1 betting chances.

But of course the superiority of the Ferrari and McLaren cars cannot be overlooked in the F1 betting. The Valencia track is a beautiful and challenging F1 betting track that tests drivers while still allowing them to race aggressively.  Top cars will shine on this track and Alonso will have his work cut out for himself defending his betting grand online prix title against superior cars driven by the likes of Raikkonen, Massa and Hamilton.