2010 F1 Betting Wrap Up: New Kid on the Block Red Bull Dominates

In a sport that is generally dominated by one or two well established teams like Ferrari or McLaren the past couple years –and especially 2010- has been a refreshing change in the F1 betting action.

For far too long Michael Schumacher and Ferrari and McLaren had a choke hold on the Constructor Cup, and Drives Cup.  But things have definitely changed –and for the better.

F-1 odds competition is now better than ever with this year’s competition doing down to the wire yet again with three drivers all gunning for the Drivers Cup during the last race of the season.  And in what was one of the most memorable finishes to an F1 betting season in recent memory it the 3rd place driver entering the final race in Abu Dhabi that came from out of nowhere to claim the title.       

Young Sebastian Vettel outpaced teammate and 2nd place driver Mark Webber and Spaniard Fernando Alonso –who was leading in the point’s standings entering the final race- to claim his first and likely not his last F1 driving title.

He was a long shot in the F1 betting to win the race in Abu Dhabi and win the Drivers Cup but was unstoppable once the white flag dropped.

It was obviously a huge win for the young German driver, the first from his country to clam the F1 odds driving title since the great Schumacher, but it was arguably an even more impressive victory for Team Red Bull.  The Red Bulls got off to a terrific start this season and battled McLaren drivers and Ferrari drivers all year to claim the Constructors Cup before the final race of the season.           

This is a scenario that never could have played out even five years ago when the ‘Big Two’ (Ferrari and McLaren) dominated the sport.  And the fact that the Red Bull team is so new to sport is a real bright spot for F1 odds fans going forward.

Red Bull’s win sends a clear message to the rest of the racing world that it’s possible to come into F1 start a team and be almost immediately competitive.

Obviously it takes hard work, a bit of luck and heaps of talent but as Red Bull and Vettel proved in the 2010 F1 betting action, it’s certainly possible.

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