Monaco the king of the F1 Betting at SBG Global

F1 betting fans looks forward to a rich and full schedule of races on the F1 betting odds scene.

But once a year, towards the end of the May the undisputable king of the F1 betting season takes place: Monaco. And any racing fans has even an ounce of F1 betting spirit in them they do whatever they must to make sure they take part in the Monaco F1 betting odds.

F1 betting experts hardly know where to begin when it comes to listing the drawing points of this F1 betting event. It combines stunning vistas with a challenging road coarse all set along the rugged Mediterranean coast line. And as if that weren’t enough to get the F1 betting juices flowing, it all takes place right in the center of Monaco, one of the glitziest places on earth, and the perfect locale for a F1 betting odds event.

Over the years Monaco has proven to be the most thrilling road course -or any type of course for that matter- in all of F1 betting. The centuries old architecture of the classis Mediterranean cliff side village structures combined with the glitz of $1 million condos jutting out of reclaimed land and the marina lined with mega yachts all combine to make on off-track impression that is quite simply impossible to match at any other F1 betting event.

But for real F1 betting fans, the real treasure of the event is the course itself. Aside from all the eye candy that lines the course the route, the course itself is one of the most technically challenging in all of F1 betting. Based on ancient and narrow streets that have been established routes for centuries, no modern city provides such precarious and dangerous winding turns as can be found at the F1 Monaco betting. The track races up and down the mountainside with nearly impossible hair-pin turns which all combines to create the greatest F1 betting event on the planet.

So as the F1 betting event of the season fast approaches there is absolutely no reason -if you’re a fan of F1 betting odds- not to enjoy the wagering at Monaco this year. If you do, you definitely won’t regret it.

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