French Grand Prix action lures Formula One Betting fans at SBG Global

Formula 1 betting fans might be surprised to learn that that the French have a much deeper connection with betting grand prix than simply naming the racing style.

In fact, Formula 1 betting is claimed to have originated in France at the oldest betting grand prix circuit in the world is held in that country. And in a little over a month the Formula 1 betting world will get to see first hand the French Grand Prix run over a century after its inaugural race.

Formula 1 betting experts can go on and on about the long and rich history of the French Grand Prix. First run in 1906 it came along at nearly the same time as the automobile and proved to be a forerunner of things to come in the Formula 1 betting world. The race was has of course gone through several hiatuses over the years including two world wars but for the most part the French Grand Prix has been one of the great traditions in Formula 1 betting. But as deep rooted as its legacy is this could unfortunately be the last time that that betting grand prix fans will be able to catch the Formula 1 betting action at the French Grand Prix.

It was announced last year that that the Formula 1 betting action would held at the Magny-Cours in 2008 and perhaps 2009 but after that the historic Formula 1 betting event faces a very uncertain future. There are all kinds of factors involved in this decision process, many of which likely aren’t public knowledge to most Formula 1 betting fans, but it would seem a great travesty to try and take this special event from the Formula 1 betting hordes.

With a winners list full of past and current champions this has been one of the greatest cups for drivers to host a trophy in all of Formula 1 betting. But in any event, even if the French Grand Prix is lifted from the Formula 1 betting calendar, it won’t be definite as Formula 1 betting fans would certainly convince the governing body to overturn the decision.