Canadian Grand Prix on F1 at SBG Global

F1 betting fans… start your engines! In just one month’s time the biggest racing event in Canada will go down.

If you’re into betting F1 races then you do not want to miss what is arguably the biggest closed course betting F1 event in the world. The world online betting is full of top auto racing competitions but you will not find a more compelling F1 betting opportunity that what awaits at the 48th annual running of the Canadian Grand Prix.

F1 bertting fans are surely aware of all the various races on the F1 schedule and the world renowned events like Monaco, or the dazzling new track in Shanghai. But what a lot of online betting fans probably don’t know is that the most watched F1 event in all of online betting is actually the Canadian Grand Prix. Many betting F1 fans much prefer the road course racing to the closed circuit because of the way the event mixes a city’s personality with the online betting competition and the driving. But there are few online betting fans that would argue with the production that the Canadian Grand Prix puts forth.

To begin with the local crowd is absolutely crazy for the event and the track is designed in such a way that it is a very intimate affair with great views for online betting fans from almost anywhere in the grand stands. But the design is not only practical, it’s also quite challenging and showcases the talents of drivers while at the same time offering great visuals for betting F1 fans. Its unique shape also allows for huge top speeds through the straights but will ruin any driver’s -or online betting fans- day with its maze of tight corners and hairpin challenges at the end of the behemoth straight-aways.

Speed is king at the Canadian online betting event, but team crews would be sorely mistaken if they think they can simply wind the engine up and let the drivers fly at this online betting event. Even more important than top speed on this course, is arguably the vehicle’s breaking and acceleration. To win the Canadian Grand Prix betting F1 event a car must be the total package. And despite it’s relatively simply looking layout, the track for this online betting event is deceptively challenging.

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