British Grand Prix on F1 Betting at SBG Global

Betting grand prix fans have very extensive variety of F1 betting opportunities to choose from when it comes to betting cars.

Nearly every corner of the world now hosts a betting grand prix event and the F1 betting has never been as fulfilling and diverse as it is at present. But when comes to tradition it is all but impossible to beat the cherished betting grand prix traditions of the British Grand Prix.

Betting grand prix events come in all shapes and sizes but there should be little doubt that the British Grand Prix had a huge affect on shaping all the relatively new betting grand prix events that have popped up in the past few decades. As the oldest continually held F1 betting race (along with the other stalwart of betting grand prix action, the Italian Grand Prix) the British Grand Prix has been a reliable stand by in the betting grand prix tradition.

Held at the venerable Silverstone Circuit just outside the village of Silverstone in the UK, this race has produced a whole host of winners, not the least of which have become betting grand prix heroes in their native land. The list of British racing legends that have faired well and ultimately driven to victory at this betting grand prix event, reads like a who’s who of the driving world. Britain has long been known for its talented driving talent and the drivers have done well to impress the local F1 betting crowd at Silverstone.

Originally run in 1926 this top tier betting grand prix has simply continued to be one of the top draws in F1 racing. There has recently been a rumor that it might be dropped, along with other European betting grand prix events, but for the time being that seems unlikely. With such a rich racing tradition in the country the UK is certainly entitled to a betting grand prix event in the minds of most F1 betting aficionados.

The race itself has been quite an event and there’s hardly a citizen of the UK that can’t recall how the great Sterling Moss, Jackie Stewart or Nigel Mansell drove to victory on the home course on their way to a world title. It’s these kinds of betting grand prix memories that all but ensure that the oldest race in betting grand prix action will continue to be run for years to come.

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