China F1 Betting at SBG Global

This is the year that China will give up its new kid on block status in F1 betting.

After debuting on the grand prix betting schedule in 2004 it has been the newest race in F1 betting ever since. But the Singapore grand prix betting event will debut this year and take over as the new kid on the block in F1 betting circles.

The Chinese Grand Prix, while still very young has been quite impressive this far in its short F1 betting existence. The organizers spared no expense or detail and the race facilities are some the most spectacular in all of grand prix betting. With a futuristic grand stand that looks like something off of Star Trek and is more than functional the Chinese have made a big splash in F1 betting with their event. But this race is much more than just a cool looking stadium and it’s quickly developed a reputation among the grand prix betting drivers as a very challenging road course.

Coming off the Japanese F1 betting event with its monstrous straight-away on the front the Shanghai grand prix betting track is something all together different.  In fact the Shanghai circuit is one of the most compact in all of F1 betting. However, F1 betting fans should not misconstrue this to mean the grand prix betting track is slow as it hosts four very long intermediate-length straights and despite having several hair-pin turns it also has several very fast angling curves in the middle section of the F1 betting course.

Designed by Hermann Tilke at a price of $240 million this is the most expensive and high tech track in all of F1 betting. In the four F1 betting events that have run here, there have been four different winners -three of which are still active in F1 betting. The inaugural F1 betting event here was won by Reubens Barrichello. His former teammate Michael Schumacher also scored an F1 betting victory here in his last season in 2006. The other two winners are the two most recent grand prix betting champs, Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen.  Raikkonen won here last season would seem to be the early favorite in this F1 betting event.

One other thing to remember is that Ferrari has won three of the four F1 betting events here and as such Raikkonen’s teammate Felipe Massa should also be considered a co-favorite.