Button and Mclaren climb to top of F1 Betting Standings

After a meteoric but brief rise to the top of the F1 betting odds action as a young, Button quickly fell from grace in the Formula One racing and toiled in lower level racing competition and flirted with retirement before storming back on the F1 betting scene two years ago.

Now with his first F1 wagering driving title (‘09) under his belt it’s taken him just four races into the 2010 F1 odds season to climb back to the top of the points standings.  After a recent win in the Grand Prix of China Button is at the op looking down on the rest of the auto racing betting community and he may just stay there for some time.

The win was the second of the F1 betting season for Jenson and puts him firmly atop the Driver table with 60 points.  Jenson’s first win of the season came in Melbourne and it didn’t take him long to rack up the second.  Through four F1 betting events this season he leads the racing field not only in points but wins as well.

And thanks to his fantastic driving and that of his teammate and fellow Brit Lewis Hamilton, their team, McLaren, now sits atop the F1 odds team standings as well.  After four races McLaren currently sits number one in the Team Table with 109 points.  Ferrari, which held the early lead in the Fl wagering season, is well back with 90 points.  19 points is a massive lead after just four races but it’s a long season and only time will tell if McLaren can keep its hold on the points lead.

But with Jenson in top form and Lewis as the number two driver the team has a great shot of wrapping up the Constructor’s Cup.  Jenson has been brilliant over the past two F1 betting seasons and the McLaren car seems to match his driving style perfectly.  Right now there is no team and driver more in tune and the outstanding results in the F1 wagering clearly demonstrate that. 

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