Brazil Grand Prix Formula 1 Betting at SBG Global

Brazil has a very rich tradition in Formula 1 betting. The list of the top grand prix drivers of all time is littered with Brazilians that have made their mark on Formula 1 betting.

This year, when the grand prix betting circuit heads to Brazil for the final race of the season you can be sure the ghosts of these greats will be shining down on the current Brazilians racing in Formula 1 betting and pushing them forward.

It may seem strange that Brazil, a third-world country with no real automobile history of its own should produce so many legends of Formula 1 betting, but this country has arguably produced more grand prix betting greats than any other country. From Ayrton Senna, to Nelson Piquet to Emerson Fittipaldi the list of Formula 1 betting greats goes on and on and on. And the linage continues just as strong today as the current leader in Formula 1 betting (tied with teammate Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton for the grand prix betting lead) is Brazilian Felipe Massa.

There is likely nothing more that Massa would love than to come to Brazil and clinch the Formula 1 betting title in front of his countrymen. And according to grand prix betting experts, there’s a very chance of that happening. The grand prix betting odds favor a member of the Ferrari team winning the Formula 1 betting title this season and Massa and Raikkonen would seem to have an equal shot at taking the top prize in the Formula 1 betting. Undoubtedly, if the title for the most points in Formula 1 betting did come down to the final race of the year, Massa would have to be favorite racing in front of the home crowd.

The Brazilian Formula 1 betting track is fast and provides plenty of drama for grand prix betting fans. With just two hair-pin turns and an abundance of straight this Formula 1 betting locale is a passers paradise. Last season the Formula 1 betting course hosted one of the most exciting finishes to a Formula 1 betting season ever.  Fin Kimi Raikkonen captured the title on the last day and the way things are going, it could come down to an equally exciting finish this season.

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