Betting Grand Prix of Hungary at SBG Global

F1 betting season in the summer means plenty of European dates on the calendar.

One of the most anticipated betting grand prix experiences of the year is the Hungarian Grand Prix, a mainstay of the betting grand prix schedule. Held at the world famous Hungaroring this F1 betting event is one of the most legendary on the betting grand prix calendar and not one to miss.

The Hungarian Grand Prix was first held in 1936 and has become one of the legendary tracks in betting grand prix events in Europe and the world. For some years the event was unfortunately not a part of the F1 betting world as the communist leaders shut down the event. But in 1986 sports brought the world together as the leaders of the Iron Curtain allowed the betting grand prix race for the first time in decades.

The Hungaroring is notoriously difficult track to pass on and the pole position here is perhaps as integral as it is at any betting grand prix event on the planet. Qualifying here is extremely important and a good showing in the qualifying often guarantees a top spot in the betting grand prix action on Sunday. The winding and twisting layout of the track combined with a slick, dusty surface means that passes are generally few and far between in the betting grand prix action in Hungary. Although drivers can pass their way through the field it’s a rarity and most will hoping to cement their betting grand prix status in qualifying rather than have to weave through the field.

Of course accidents can happen here with the slick surface and this often much to the advantage of betting grand prix drivers. Also of key importance at this F1 betting event is pit strategy. This is technical drive where the lack of passing opportunities makes strategy all the more important.

Last year’s champ Lewis Hamilton, a terrific qualifying betting grand prix qualifying driver, will look to nab the pole and hold off the pack from the front position, as will most drivers. Reigning betting grand prix champ Kimi Raikkonen has also won here before and knows the importance of getting a good start. These two must be considered the early betting grand prix favorites here and knowing that this race will break their dead lock in the points, both will looking for a good showing.