Belgium Grand Prix a top F1 Betting event at SBG Global

Summer on the F1 betting calendar means Europe. One of the favorite grand prix betting destinations during the summer months is the Belgium Grand Prix.

In fact, this may be the most popular F1 betting event of the summer for both drivers and grand prix betting aficionados alike.

Fans of F1 betting are well aware that there are kinds of races in F1 betting and all kinds of tracks that are raced on. But F1 betting is about much more than just turns and acceleration on the black top. There are kinds of experiences in F1 betting and one of the key components to many of these grand prix betting events is tradition, culture and the race atmosphere. No other race on the F1 betting circuit combines all these qualities like the legendary track at Spa and it’s for this reason that so many fans and drivers alike love coming to this grand prix betting event.

The Spa track offers the best that F1 betting competition has to offer. There are three notable straights where drivers can accelerate and there multiple passing points which ensures top F1 betting competition. On top of that there are two less hairpins, both greater than a 90 degree angle which is superb for the grand prix betting. But the real beauty of spa is the fact that this course is challenging, but at the same time the F1 betting drivers can really open it up on this design. Spa is a very fast track and the top drivers can display their skills freely on this layout.

Defending champ Kimi Raikkonen took the checkered flag here last year after capturing the pole and will be looking to do the same again this year.  Because of the difficult lay out and the fast pace the track allows it’s also regarded as one of the more dangerous in F1 betting. In fact, the F1 betting event was moved to another track in the 1970s after officials deemed Spa too dangerous for such an event. But the Grand Prix of Belgium is back at its home now.  Fans should expect a fast race, something that suits McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton, but also keep an eye out for rain.  Showers are a constant here at Spa and will certainly slow down the F1 betting pace if they show up.

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