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UFC Fight Night 82 Betting Odds - Hendricks vs. Thompson

UFC arena full of fansThis coming Saturday the 6th of February 2016, the UFC 82nd Fight Night had a big Super Bowl 50 weekend slate that included F. Werdum heavyweight champion facing former champ C. Velasquez, but low and behold Velazquez who was injure several weeks ago, just dropped out, and the following day Werdum withdrew claiming he did so because of his own injury problems.

UFC Fight Night 81 Betting Preview

empty UFC octagonThis Sunday the 17th of January 2016 we are pleased to preview matches of the UFC Fight Night 81 with the first match-up we preview being the UFC Bantam Weight Championship with T. Dillshaw facing D. Cruz and for those that Bet on UFC the opening odds on Dillshaw at -145 and D. Cruz at +115.

What Would a Jon Jones-Daniel Cormier Bout Look Like?

Jon JonesOne of the hottest topics in the MMA world involves whether or not Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier would face each other in a UFC title fight. Jones won earlier in the year and but lost his title, which Cormier then took in.

Who’s Got the Edge In Lawler-Condit In UFC 195?

UFC 195 fight posterRobbie Lawler currently holds the UFC Welterweight championship title and is hoping to show the world that he’s one of the most dominant names in the sport right now. He will be putting his title on the line on January 2, 2016 at UFC 195 from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. He will be taking on the fourth-ranked fighter in the Welterweight division, Carlos Condit.

Cormier and Gustafsson To Fight At UFC 192

UFC arena with lightsA big match for the UFC light heavyweight title will take place at UFC 192 on October 3 at the Toyota Center in Houston. Current champion Daniel Cormier will take in Alexander Gustafsson in this match. It was originally going to be the main event at UFC 191 but a knee injury suffered by Cormier caused the event to be delayed.

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