UFC Betting

     UFC betting odds are easy to understand. UFC betting odds are simply money lines that have one fighter favored against another. For example, you might have one fighter at -240 and the other fighter at +200. In this UFC betting example you would risk $240 to win $100 or the 24/10 equivalent.


If you liked the underdog in this UFC betting example you would risk $100 to win $200 or the 10/20 equivalent. Gamblers that look at UFC betting odds have some things to consider. Looking at a fighter's record and his fighting style is important as you consider UFC fighting. You can find this information at one of the many UFC websites that list a fighter's record and bio.

UFC fighting involves fighters that are well conditioned and well trained. The fighters today have excellent techniques that include grappling and ground fighting. With UFC fighting you will see fighters using their fists, elbows and knees. It used to be that a fighter could get away with having just one solid technique ut no longer. Fighters must be well rounded so they can handle any fighting style. As you consider UFC betting you want to be aware of the different styles and of how they do against each other. The most popular technique used to be jiu-jitsu. It is based on a fighter gaining leverage and positional advantages to gain submission. Now many fighters uses a combination of jiu-jitsu with others forms of boxing, wrestling, etc.

As you consider UFC betting you will want to do research on the fighters and their styles. You will also want to consider the UFC betting odds. Underdogs have done fairly well in UFC betting; more so than what has been seen in boxing. It is not unusual to see a big underdog win on the UFC betting line. It is something you want to keep in mind as you look at the UFC betting odds where big favorites are common.

Bet on UFC Fight Night 93: Arlovski vs. Barnett

Arlovski versus Barnett UFC Fight Night 93 Odds and AnalysisJosh Barnett is the UFC gambling favorite to beat Andrei Arlovski when Fight Night 93 rolls around on Saturday, September 3rd at Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, Germany. The UFC betting odds for that heavyweight bout are the following:
Andrei Arlovski 1½ (-145) +120 
Josh Barnett 1½ (+125) -140

Johnson Showing the other Side of MMA

Johnson Showing the other Side of MMAUFC 202 has come and past and with it came possibly one of the largest events that online wagering has been a part of since Muhammad Ali was still stepping inside the ring. There’s no question the rematch between McGregor and Diaz will be remembered throughout sporting communities for ages to come. But in the magnitude of such a colossal event certain fights, that were spectacular in their own right, got lost. This includes Mike Perry continually dropping his South Korean opponent, Donald Cerrone’s Mortal Kombat-like combo to finish off Story, and Anthony Johnson’s impressive display of power. Out of all these Johnson’s knockout shines brightly as the most impressive.

Eye-Catching Betting Lines Ahead of UFC 202

UFC 202  Betting LinesOnline betting fans looking for an intense match to wager on already know that UFC 202 will provide just that. Sure, every sports fan in the world will be tuning in to watch McGregor attempt to get his revenge but a quick look at the official fight card will reveal there is another much lucrative bout. With all the hype surrounding this highly anticipated rematch many UFC fans haven’t been exposed to the rest of the scheduled bouts. Part of this is because of how big of icons Diaz and McGregor are, and the other part can be attributed to lack of publicity the other fighters get.  There’s no denying that the fight between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor will be electrifying but the betting odds reveals there is a better way to make a quick buck with your bet on UFC. 

Woodley Lays Down the Law

Tyron Woodley New UFC FavoriteUFC betting fans that had a premonition regarding Woodley’s upset are feeling pretty good right about now. In a stunning flash the contender was able to land a vicious right hook that send the former champion to the ground. While some sportsbook users may have seen it coming, to say that the world of UFC betting was shocked would be an understatement. The ‘Chosen One’ upsetting Lawler is impressive enough, but to do it in the fashion that he did was unimaginable. Woodley stayed true to his nature, start out fast and try to land that skull-crushing right hand. Many expected Lawler to be more reserved, which is his usual tactic, but what was unexpected was how quickly Woodley knocked Lawler down. Up until this point Lawler’s title defends were riddled with heavy hits, proving time and time again his inhuman resilience. Apparently those fights had taken a toll on the former champ and Woodley was able to capitalize on a weary Lawler. His first hook sent him to the ground, and his second ensured Lawler wouldn’t get up. As UFC betting fans prepare for UFC 202 one thing is undisputable, Tyron Woodley is the new welterweight champion.

Can Ellenberger pull off an Upset and save his UFC Career?

Can Ellenberger pull off an Upset and save his UFC Career?UFC betting fans are foaming at the mouth waiting for the McGregor vs. Diaz rematch. While that is arguably the biggest bout of the year, we still have to get through UFC 201. But UFC 201 isn’t a burden, and it shouldn’t be looked at as one. While its publicity pales in comparison to UFC 202, sportsbook users aren’t always looking for the most popular event. In fact many UFC betting fans are looking for a bargain deal, and UFC 202 can definitely provide some lucrative wagers. Like with all things betting the bigger the risk the bigger the reward and one of the fights with the biggest reward is Jake Ellenberger vs. Matt Brown. Let’s check in on the sportsbook odds and see what kind of insight they provide.

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