Top 3 Week 16 NFL Betting Picks

Week 16 is here and we bring you our exclusive NFL football picks. This week the final line between contenders and pretenders is drawn. Four teams have guaranteed their playoff spots this past weekend: the Patriots, the Broncos, the Colts, and the Cardinals will be playing in the playoffs. However, this week we will see a total of 21 teams with mathematical chances of sneaking into the playoffs for the other eight postseason spots. This means that the games this weekend will be extra intense, here are our exclusive picks for some of these games.

Cowboys Avenge Thanksgiving Loss to Eagles

Just a few weeks after their loss against the Eagles, NFL football betting fans saw the Dallas Cowboys get sweet revenge. Last night in Sunday Night Football a completely different Dallas team took the field, than the one that got trashed by the Eagles on Thanksgiving. Romo was impressive, Dez Bryant was up a great performance, and overall the team was able to withstand a Philadelphia rally that momentarily even cost them the lead. The final score was 38-27.

Arizona Cardinals Survive Against St. Louis Rams

Last night the NFL football betting universe saw the Arizona Cardinals beat the St. Louis Rams in a low scoring game: 12-6. This final result elevates the Cards record to 11-3 and places them in a great position to enter the playoffs. We were tempted to make "go to eleven" joke here, but pretty much everybody else on the internet already did.

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