2014 NHL Draft Top Sportsbook Prospects

If the NHL Central Scouting top 10 prospects matched the entry draft order, then online sportsbook predictors would have an easier time figuring out who becomes the first overall pick.

But where would be the fun in that, right? Last year, for instance, to prospect Seth Jones was the 4th overall pick, while second best prospect Nathan MacKinnon was the first overall pick by the Colorado Avalanche. This year, the Panthers could easily go for Aaron Ekblad, Sam Reinhart, or Leon Draisaitl instead of Sam Bennet. Or they could forgo the first pick altogether and trade it in exchange for a top player, a prospect and another pick; a combination which would probably help them more than the first overall pick would.

Live Betting Football Rules

General Football Rules


In case of any delay (rain, darkness…) all markets remain unsettled and the trading will be continued as soon as the match continues.

Markets do not include overtime unless otherwise stated.

Live Betting Basketball Rules

If a match is abandoned after play has started, bets other than outright win are void, unless a winning market has already been established, in which case bets will stand.

Outright win bets stand provided that 43 minutes of an NBA match have been played and an official result is declared.

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