College Basketball Betting

     There are more NCAA basketball betting lines available than in any other sport. College basketball betting can be successful if you understand the NCAA basketball betting line. You must know how to interpret value and understand that college basketball betting lines are made by oddsmakers to attract equal action to both sides.


Traditional powers such as Connecticut, Duke, Kansas, and others will likely be poor values against the college basketball betting line because they are "name" or "public" teams that attract a lot of money to their sides.

As you consider college basketball betting you might want to take other solid programs against these traditional powers, especially when you are getting points. Duke and Kansas have great reputations but they are not always a good favorite against the college basketball betting line.

Another college basketball betting idea is to look at the "mid-major" conferences to gain value. Teams from the MAC are usually getting nice value against the spread when out of conference.

The same thing holds true with other smaller conferences. Another advantage when looking at college basketball betting is the simple fact that there are so many games on the board.

It is difficult for anyone to keep track of over 250 teams and the oddsmaker is no exception to that rule. You can pick and choose your spots, but he has to put a line out on every game. That is a big edge for you as a college basketball betting player.

You might choose to concentrate on one of those mid-major conferences and know more than the people that put out the NCAA basketball betting lines.

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Title Contenders for the 2015 March Madness Tournament

As we expect Selection Sunday and eagerly anticipate the excitement that comes with March Madness betting, we now take a closer look at the different teams that are expected to be the tittle contenders. We analyzed these teams records and stats, and how they have been fairing this season. These are the teams expected to reach the farthest in the tournament, and from the squads listed here you can expect to find the four teams that will be making it to the Final Four.

Duke escapes Virginia Tech in OT

College Basketball betting fans were biting their nails yesterday as Duke was able to narrowly escape Virginia Tech in overtime. We have reached that point of the season where it doesn’t matter how you do it, just as long as you get a win. And that was definitely the case for Duke yesterday.

No. 15 North Carolina loses to North Carolina State 58-46

Tuesday the 24th of Feb. 2015 we saw an intra-state rivalry game between the unranked North Carolina State Wolfpack 17-11 playing the No.15 North Carolina Tar Heels 19-9 both of the ACC Conference, and the game was played at the Dean E. Smith Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and the game tipped-off at 8 PM ET and seen on ESPN 3.

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