NCAA College Basketball Betting

     There are more NCAA basketball betting lines available than in any other sport. College basketball betting can be successful if you understand the NCAA basketball betting line. You must know how to interpret value and understand that college basketball betting lines are made by oddsmakers to attract equal action to both sides.


Traditional powers such as Connecticut, Duke, Kansas, and others will likely be poor values against the college basketball betting line because they are "name" or "public" teams that attract a lot of money to their sides.

As you consider college basketball betting you might want to take other solid programs against these traditional powers, especially when you are getting points. Duke and Kansas have great reputations but they are not always a good favorite against the college basketball betting line.

Another college basketball betting idea is to look at the "mid-major" conferences to gain value. Teams from the MAC are usually getting nice value against the spread when out of conference.

The same thing holds true with other smaller conferences. Another advantage when looking at college basketball betting is the simple fact that there are so many games on the board.

It is difficult for anyone to keep track of over 250 teams and the oddsmaker is no exception to that rule. You can pick and choose your spots, but he has to put a line out on every game. That is a big edge for you as a college basketball betting player.

You might choose to concentrate on one of those mid-major conferences and know more than the people that put out the NCAA basketball betting lines.

Which Schools amassed the Best Commits for 2017?

Best Commits for 2017 in College Basketball BettingIn order for schools to consistently be college basketball betting favorites they have to have a great recruitment program. Part of collegiate sports is the constant need to fill holes left by departing athletes, year in and year out. The reasons are innumerable; players can transfer, graduate, or even decide to enter the NBA draft. If teams don’t have a good recruiting program then they can go from winning a national title, to not even making the sweet sixteen. In college ball recruitment is everything and it’s even more important for NCAA betting fans to understand which schools are the best recruiters. So, which schools have the best recruiting class for the 2017 season?

Clock Ticking down Which College Ballplayer Do you want?

college basketball betting season best teamsMarch Madness is the pinnacle of the college basketball betting season paving the way for climatic endings and clutch finishes. With so much talent going into a single elimination tournament there are bound to be countless games coming down to the wire. It’s all too commonplace for a game to come down to the final seconds, and with the shot clock counting down its imperative that teams have players that can deliver under the most extreme pressure. When the final seconds of the game are counting down players have the opportunity to become heroes or villains, to win a national championship or risk being forgotten.

Oregon Ducks Looking to Become Mighty

Oregon Ducks College Basketball bettingWith November inching nearer every day sports fans can’t wait any longer for college basketball betting to officially begin. As the season draws nearer those who bet on sports should begin to expose themselves to as much information as possible in order to make the best possible future predictions. One team who is always in contention for the national title is the Oregon Ducks. The Ducks have appeared in 14 NCAA tournaments and have won the conference championship 5 times.

NCAA Basketball Betting, Who’s your Pick? The Hoosiers

The Hoosiers - College Football Betting OddsCollege basketball betting fans looking for a laugh can look back to the 29th of July when Indiana Basketball’s Twitter account sent out one misleading tweet. The social media account falsely claimed that Indiana Basketball is #1 in national titles, Big Ten titles, NCAA tournament wins and NBA Draft kicks. The kicker of course is the fact that only one of those claims turned out to be true. UCLA has the most national championships in the nation. Indiana isn’t even in second place, no, they’re tied for third with five. The next bold claim stated that Indiana had the most tournament wins when in fact they’re not even in the top 5. The Hoosiers come in at a humbling 7th all-time ranking.

Calipari’s Recruits make the rest of NCAA look like Calamari

John Calipari head coach KentuckyNow that college basketball is less than four months away NCAA basketball betting fans can hardly contain their excitement. After the way the men’s tournament came to an end last season, fans are expecting this year to be even more thrilling. Kris Jenkins, who plays for Villanova, was able to drain a three-pointer on a last second buzzer beater that sealed the deal for the Wildcats. The Tar Heels were forced to return home as losers and another tournament was in the books. While those two schools made it all the way to the finals, they certainly aren’t the favorites to win it all next season. That honor belongs to none other than Duke, but close behind them is Kentucky. Having college basketball legend Coach K at the helm is enough to put any team near the top of the sportsbooks, but Duke’s recruiting class for next year is one of the best NCAA basketball betting has seen in a long time. The Blue Devils +310 odds show the immense expectations that are riding on this team, but Kentucky’s +730 odds are an indication of what they’ll be able to accomplish this upcoming season. While a second round loss was a big disappointment last season, behind 8th year head coach John Calipari the Wildcats are poised to win it all.

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