Auto Racing Betting

     NASCAR betting and Formula One auto racing betting options are available on a regular basis. NASCAR betting has grown in the United States while Formula One auto racing betting has grown in Europe and in other countries. Auto racing betting offers driver matchups, odds on the winner of a race, qualifying odds, futures, and props.


As you bet at online betting sites you need to develop expertise and knowledge at NASCAR betting and Formula One auto racing betting by studying not just the auto racing drivers but also the car racing teams, tracks, auto racing history and tire manufacturers. Each of these things is important and has their own individual strengths and weaknesses for a gambler to evaluate when looking at auto racing. It is also important in NASCAR and Formula One auto racing betting to keep track of the latest personnel changes.

There are some excellent NASCAR and Formula One car racing websites that a gambler must utilize for the best information to help him handicap the races properly as he looks at auto racing history.

It is important for gamblers in Formula One auto racing betting to get their wagers in by the Thursday before a race. Sports gamblers get far better value for their sports betting bankrolls by betting early rather than late and depending on how well a gambler does in qualifying auto racing betting, he might even win money before the race begins. Formula One auto racing often has some odd results and it is important for sports betting gamblers to be careful and have a balanced approach to their Formula One auto racing betting activities as sports betting players can easily get in trouble by always backing the favorite.

A better strategy is to look for lesser-known car racing drivers to finish in the top eight positions rather than lay big money every week.

The 2015 NASCAR Championship Odds Are Changing

The odds to win the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup championship have been changing throughout the season. Right now there are plenty of drivers that have a good shot to win but only a few are truly favored to go far and actually take home the title of being the best driver in all of NASCAR.

Does Sebastian Vettel Have a Chance in 2015?

As of the middle part of August, there seems to be a three-way race for the top driver in Formula One with nine races to go. The races in Belgium, Italy, Singapore, Japan, the United States and United Arab Emirates have yet to take place in this exciting and winding Formula One season.

NASCAR Pennsylvania 400 Preview

This coming weekend NASCAR brings us the Pennsylvania 400 (2015 Windows 10 400) with the race being held on Sunday the 2nd of August at the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania and the green flag drops at 1:30 PM ET.

How the Sprint Cup Odds Are Looking

As of the middle part of 2015, the Sprint Cup odds are looking pretty interesting. Two drivers are very close to each other and could make a big impact this year.

Big Competitors For the 2015 Formula One Title

The 2015 Formula One season has already brought about some interesting points as to who could end up taking in the big title. This year, Lewis Hamilton has been the top competitor for the title but there are many others to watch for.

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