2020 US Presidential Election Odds Tracker

Trump Emerges as US Political Betting Chalk for 2020

Despite a “news” media comprised of “journalists” working with Democrats to destroy him, President Trump has gained gambling respect. After three years of hate and rage threw at him by most of the media and millions on the left, he is still standing. And Gamblers have gone from skeptical to confident in his ability to win reelection. Not even an impeachment hearing secretly held in the Congressional basement has damaged Trump. With one year to go before election day, The Donald is the US Political betting favorite top remain President. Specifically, the question is who will be the Democrat challenger.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds Tracker

Donald Trump is currently a +120 online gambling favorite to win reelection. Next, are a host of Democrat candidates. Elizbeth Warren is at +300 followed by Joe Biden +600, Pete Buttigieg +1200, Bernie Sanders +1300, Andrew Yang +2000, and Hillary Clinton +3000. Second-tier long shots are Vice President Mike Pence +4000, Nikki Haley +4500, and Kamala Harris at +5000

Donald Trump

To begin with President Trump hast the best economy since Richard Nixon’s 1969 powerhouse going for him. Additionally, Real Americans outside the Washington Beltway love how he fights and calls out the establishment. Trump has triggered an energy production boom and is bringing the troops home. By contrast, many neutral voters still struggle with his bombastic ways. But that style frustrates Democrats. Trump is the first Republican ever to actually fight them and the establishment with unrestrained aggression.

Elizabeth Warren

Warren is a senator from the uber left-liberal state of Massachusetts. Above all, she seems to have a “plan” for everything. Some Americans are impressed with that but others believe it comes down to micromanaging their lives. Most important of all even Democrats have called her out for not coming clean about the necessary taxes to cover her schemes. Warren is not likable and comes off as a scold.

Joe Biden

Balanced against Warren is Barrack Obama’s “Designated White Guy” Joe Biden. Stories have come out on how Obama had no real respect for Biden but needed a white candidate to balance out his ticket. Biden remains a gaff machine gas bag. Of great concern are recent stories of corruption. Biden’s US Political betting strength is that he is perceived as more moderate and normal than the other Democrats. But a deeper dive reveals that may not actually be so.

Pete Buttigieg

The mayor of South Bend, Indiana started off lecturing and insulting the voters. As a result, he fell like a rock. Late on “Mayor Pete” has been pretending to be a moderate and has risen. Problematic is that Buttigieg has left plenty of sound bites from the previous months that could bite him. Rising crime and clashes with the South Bend Police have also hurt.

Bernie Sanders

Initially, a lot of millennials and 1960’s hippies were “Feeling the Burn.” Even though Sanders has a somewhat enthusiastic base it is not likely large enough to carry him to the Democrat nomination. Trump’s thriving economy is a strong counter-argument to the hard-left socialism of Sanders

Hillary Clinton

The account of her 2016 upset loss to Trump has the former Secretary of State seething. While she has name recognition many Democrats want to move on from the Clintons and their corrupt ways.

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