UFC 118 Betting – Penn Is Out For Revenge

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

BJ Penn is not a man you want to mess with inside or outside of the Octagon.

But Frankie Edgar is one of the few men that can say that he not only tangled with the Hawaiian brawler but came out victorious and he’ll have a chance to prove to the world that his victory over the UFC lightweight champion was no fluke when the two square off in the Main Event of the upcoming UFC 118 betting event.

On August 28th, when the UFC 118 odds action gets underway, there will be a star-studded lineup of fights but make no mistake the Edgar vs. Penn match is the one that everyone is tuning into see.

There is no more powerful motive than revenge, especially for a fighter of Penn’s temperament, and he’ll get his shot to re-gain his lost title in the UFC 118 betting match.

When these two fighters squared off for the first time on April 10th of this year Penn was expected to walk away with his belt without much effort.  But when the UFC 112 action began it was apparent that Edgar was not going to go down without a fight.

And in fact, Edgar rarely went down as he controlled the tempo of the bout, keeping the action off the mat and trading strikes with Penn for most of the match.  At the end of match, after a long dilation from the judges, Edgar was declared the winner and one of the biggest upsets in UFC history was completed.

That match changed Edgar’s life and set up this epic bout in the UFC 118 odds action.

And just because Edgar was victorious the first time around hardly guarantees a victory this time around when he tangles with the ex-champ, Penn at the UFC 118 betting event.

Penn has been training like a maniac since the loss and appears to be singularly focused on one thing at the moment: beating Edgar.  Penn has lost a belt before, and he bounced back to reclaim it.  He knows what kind of work is involved and he knows what he has to do to climb back on top of the lightweight division.

And this time around Edgar won’t have the element of surprise; instead of being the hunter he’s now the hunted and it will be interesting to see how he fights from that new position.

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