UFC Fans Flock to UFC 3 Sims Betting

The UFC Fans Flock to UFC 3 Sims Online Betting

May 5th, 2020 Offshore Betting, UFC

A clear difference exists between mixed martial arts fans and those of other sports. “Cult” is often the word used to describe followers of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Hardcore, passionate, and deathly loyal barely describe UFC fans. And although Dana White looks to bring back real-life UFC betting action this weekend fans have discovered an exciting supplement. UFC 3 Sim Betting has grown rapidly in wagering action during COVID-19. Based on the popular EA Sports video game, UFC 3 has provided the fix for MMA fanatics and gamblers. In turn, non-UFC fans are testing it out too!

UFC 3 Makeup and Overview

First giving UFC 3 credibility is that it is designed by EA Sports. That is the same company that makes Madden NFL20, NHL20, and MLB The Show 20. UFC 3 is a video game that has been played by millions of people for fun and amusement. Now that same game is used for offshore betting on UFC matchups listed every day on the SBG sportsbook board. UFC 3 was originally created several years ago due to the rapid growth in popularity of the sport. It was an immediate hit and has been continuously improved upon ever since.

Fighter Ratings

Most important of all sportsbooks offer action on UFC 3 fights because they resemble real life. EA Sports engineers UFC 3 with a highly complex formula of ratings on every fighter. This means the best and worst fighters in real life will also end up as such in the game. On the whole, each fighter is ranked in every important MMA category. Striking, grappling, stamina and health are all part of the formula for every single fighter. Additionally, past performance results of every individual are weighed in.

In sum, over 230 individual fighters are ranked for UFC 3 in all of the aforementioned categories. Just as in real life every weight class is accounted for. Including the two women’s divisions.

Further adding to the game’s appeal is great fighters of the past are offered. The late great Bruce Lee would be such an example. Also fighting as one of the retired greats of all time is Georges St-Pierre. Likewise, by adding such all-time legends does the ability to create dream fight matchups exist. Sportsbooks can offer such dream bouts that are impossible to stage in real life.

How Ratings Translate

Namely, Georges St-Pierre has UFC game ratings that mirror his real-life skills. St-Pierre has ratings of 91 for strikes, 94 for grappling, 93 for stamina, and 89 for health. Compared to St-Pierre would be the current star, Connor McGregor. McGregor rates 96 for striking, 87 for grappling, 89 for stamina, and 96 for health. These ratings are what go into UFC 3 Sim Betting. Correlate how handicappers will compare the various strengths and weaknesses of each matchup.

How the Game Translates for Viewing

Fashion the stunning graphics and sounds of UFC 3. Gamblers can watch each match that they bet on. And they often feel as if they are viewing an actual fight. The end result is a genius of realism that brings those rating numbers to life. EA Sports invested significant time and money to ensure fighters look like they do in real life. And that the fights have a mesmerizing virtual reality feel to them on the screen. Commencing with such ratings and graphics is the perfect sports sim betting option!

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