UFC Betting Line Movement at SBG Global

August 16th, 2017 UFC

UFC betting line odds will change as money comes in on the two fighters.
The UFC betting odds will also change on the total if the public or the wise guys start betting a fight over or under. You will notice that there is an opening and a closing UFC betting line. These lines move throughout the weeks leading up to the fight and are important to follow. UFC betting line odds usually start appearing a few weeks before the main event.

The UFC betting odds are set and then the public and the wise guys start betting them.  Just before the fights begin you will see the closing UFC betting line. It is then that you can determine which way the public was betting the fight. Let’s consider line movement in UFC betting. Once that the opening UFC betting line is set you will notice movement on one fighter or another. Sometimes this movement indicates a wise guy or a group betting the fight but other times it is due to the public liking a fighter. If a popular fighter in UFC betting is matched up against someone that doesn’t have a big name then you know the UFC betting line is going to move.

The sportsbook is going to try and get equal action on a fight and if they get pounded on one side they will raise the odds. You also want to remember that these UFC betting line moves don’t always win. Line moves are interesting to follow though because they can tell you which way the public is going and sometimes you can gain information by watching UFC betting line moves. You also want to remember that sometimes the UFC betting line won’t move much. Sometimes the oddsmakers do a nice job of setting the line and it attracts good two way action. This doesn’t happen that often with the UFC betting line since the sport is not as widely followed as the NFL but it does happen.

Sometimes with the UFC betting line you will notice a big move and if that happens, it can be due to information. That doesn’t mean it will win, but it is definitely worth noting.  And that is the bottom line with line moves. They are worth watching but they don’t always win.

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