UFC 85 Betting: Bedlam at SBG Global

May 15th, 2020 UFC

UFC 85 betting organizers have gone through a nightmare putting together this UFC betting event.

With a boatload of unforeseen injuries and bad luck the UFC 85 betting card has been re-worked several times and what was once an almost irresistible UFC 85 betting lineup has been somewhat dimmed by the loss of top stars. However, anyone that has ever seen a UFC betting event knows that even less than perfect UFC 85 betting event will be outstanding.UFC 85 betting will get underway in less than a week. On June 7, 2008 the world of MMA will be squarely focused on London’s 02 Arena as some of the top MMA fighters in the world gather to take part in the UFC 85 betting event. Named ‘Bedlam’ the event promises plenty of action, but the bedlam could also easily refer to the crazy time UFC 85 betting organizers have had trying to iron out a final lineup.

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Originally the UFC 85 betting event was meant to feature UFC betting superstar Chuck Liddell in what would have likely been one of his last fights under the UFC banner. Liddell was to fight Mauricio Rua in the UFC 85 betting main event. However, first Rua pulled out with an injured knee and shortly thereafter Liddell also pulled out with a hamstring injury. The heavyweight fight now will feature Fabricio Werdum and Brandon Sera, a much lesser event than originally envisioned by the UFC 85 betting organizers.

The main event will now feature one of the finest fighters in the world and the best fighter at UFC 85 betting, welterweight Matt Hughes vs. Thiago Alves. This should be one of the top events at the UFC 85 betting event and even though there’s not likely to be any poster-like knockouts among these lightweight fighters, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more compelling or better executed fight at the UFC 85 betting event.

And of course the other weight classes are filled out with top fighting competition as well, all but guaranteeing a fantastic UFC betting event. Even though the upcoming UFC betting event is not exactly what the UFC 85 betting promoters had in mind it should still be a mind blowing experience.

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