UFC 129 Betting: St Pierre Is a Huge Favorite to Retain the Title

May 30, 2011 UFC

When you’re known as the best pound for pound fighter in the world, as is the UFC 129 betting action star attraction Georges St Pierre (GPS), it’s usually for good reason.

St Pierre is one of the toughest human beings on the planet and his world welterweight title attests to that.

Since winning the UFC Welterweight Championship he’s successfully defended it 6 straight times against quality opponents like BJ Penn, Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves.  And he enters his April 30th match in Toronto the huge favorite in the UFC 129 odds action.

The UFC 129 betting lines vary from site to site but the bout less than a week away he’s around (-450) on most online wagering sites.  Those are very good odds indeed and just maybe enough to tempt some sports bettors to take a look at placing some money against the challenger.

Jake Shields is the man that will try and succeed where no other opponent has: taking the welterweight title from GPS.

A shield has run up an impressive career so far in the UFC (26-4-1), and is ranked as one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world by nearly every MMA publication.  Yet he’s also just one of a handful of very talented welterweight fighters in the UFC right now, arguably the most talented division in MMA.

But he’s also going to be the best opponent that GPS has seen in years and you could make a very interesting case for the challenger in the UFC 129 odds action.

 Shields is a patient fighter just like GPS and he’s the type of fighter that the champ typically has the most problems with.  Neither fighter is typically the aggressor in their matches, nor will it be interesting to see what type of strategy Shields adopts in early going of this fight.  This bout is all but certain to go the distance and be decided by the judges.

St Pierre hasn’t faced a quality fighter since July of 2009, nearly two years ago, and if Shields is on his game and takes advantage of every scoring opportunity, there’s a chance he could find himself the new champ after the UFC 129 betting action is closed.

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