UFC 117 Odds Preview: Matt Hughes vs. Ricardo Almeida

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

The UFC 117 odds action is full of great fights and great fighters. But a quick glance over the UFC 117 betting action reveals that this MMA betting event is loaded with great welterweight talent.

From top to bottom the UFC 117 odds action features five welterweight bouts with two on the main card and three on the preliminary card.  With names like Fitch, Alves and others in the UFC 117 betting action the welterweight fights are stacked.

But perhaps the best fight in the entire UFC 117 betting lineup is the matchup between former UFC betting champ Matt Hughes and perennially contender Ricardo Almeida.  This fight has probably more pound for pound talent that just about any fight you’ll see in the UFC 117 odds action but lacks title holder and so can’t really be classified as a Main Event.  Nonetheless the action should be fantastic.

Hughes has been a stalwart of the UFC betting welterweight class for years.  He’s a former 2-time UFC welterweight champion has to separate six match winning streaks during his UFC betting career.  At age 36 he’s perhaps past his prime but he can still get the job done.  And he’s about as tough a fighter as you’ll ever see in the MMA wagering.  His lifetime career of 44-7 is not only loaded with wins but it’s highly impressive for its volume of fights and its longevity. 

During his career Hughes has beaten some of the best fighters in UFC betting history and every single top fighter in the welterweight class.  With wins over the BJ Penn and the last man to beat Georges St Pierre, Hughes is truly a hall of fame type of fighter.

He’ll bring all that experience and skill to the UFC 117 odds matchup with Almeida.  Almeida (12-3) may not have the experience of Hughes but he’s an interesting fighter that has yet to reach his potential at the age of 33.   He’s not much of striker as he’s yet to register a KO in a UFC betting event but he’s a talented martial artist (5 submission victories) and is awfully patient.  That could be the perfect counterbalance to Hughes’ fighting style and Almeida just might be able to pull off the upset in the UFC 117 odds competition.

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