UFC 117 Odds Spotlight: Dos Anjos Will Put Guida in the Ground

December 2, 2010 UFC

There have been some remarkable UFC Main Event fight cards so far in 2010 but the UFC 117 odds lineup is not one of them.

In fact, this year has been the most exciting UFC betting year in recent memory with top matches like the Rampage Jackson vs. Evans, Lesnar vs. Carwin and Rua vs. Shogun headlining UFC betting events.

But the UFC 117 betting action hardly compares to the great matchups so far in 2010.  Without question this is the worst lineup of fights that we’ve seen in the UFC betting action in many months but there should still be plenty of great opportunities to play the UFC 117 odds action.

One matchup featured on the Main Card that probably shouldn’t be, but is, is the lightweight UFC 117 betting matchup between Rafael dos Anjos and Clay Guida.  Neither one of these fighters is going anywhere fast and on paper it’s a colossal mismatch.  For anyone looking on playing the UFC 117 odds it’s a major no-brainer.

Dos Anjos will win this UFC 117 betting matchup.  He will not only win this UFC 117 betting bout but he will dominate.  On paper this thing isn’t even close and it makes you wonder how desperate the UFC organizers and Dana White are if this is what they’re serving up for Main Event action these days.

Guida is far from his prime and even in his UFC betting prime he wasn’t all that good.  With a career MMA betting record of 37-11 this guy has been little more than a professional punching bag for the legitimate contenders in the lightweight UFC betting division.  He’s just 5-5 over his last 10 UFC betting matchups, with only two of the bouts being at the UFC Main Event level.  He’s 28 years old and already on the down slope of his MMA betting career.  Nor has he ever beaten anyone of consequence and that won’t change after the UFC 117 odds event.

Dos Anjos is hardly a world beater either but with a record of 14-4 against more difficult competition he’s a much better fighter than Guida and should win this UFC 117 odds matchup easily.

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