UFC 117 Odds Matchups Lack the Excitement of Previous UFC Main Events

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

The dog days of summer tend to be a slow time for the sports betting universe and that is certainly true of the upcoming UFC 117 odds action.

The UFC 117 betting bonanza will go down on August 7th at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA.  It will no doubt be full, as is every UFC betting Main Event and the fans will be cheering wildly, but there will be a hollow ring to their cries as the UFC odd action will be the least appealing set of betting lines all year.

So far, 2010, has been year of the incredible UFC Main Event betting action.  There has been a seemingly endless supply of topnotch fighters in terrific MMA betting matchups.  The same can’t be said of this upcoming UFC Main Event.  Granted the lineup that will be featured in the UFC 117 betting action will better than no UFC betting event at all but it’s a noticeable drop in quality from the previous UFC odds events that have taken place in 2010.

And if truth be told there should be a high level of fan interest in the upcoming event but necessarily in the UFC 117 odds.  MMA betting fans are more likely interested in the Main Event just to see how middleweight champ Anderson Silva will fight after his bizarre performance in March rather than the betting lines.  Silva’s last fight was a strange exhibition of mostly not fighting and if comes out in the Octagon doing the same thing against his UFC 117 odds opponent, Chael Sonnen, Dan White has already said that his UFC betting career is over.

Who knows, maybe that ultimatum will only provoke Silva to crazier heights and see him leave the UFC betting action for good?  But aside from this element of drama there is little else in this UFC 117 betting event to hold the interest of the casual UFC betting fan.

There are no big names, no big feuds and for most MMA betting fans little reason to tune into the UFC 117 betting action.  Still, if this is the worst of the lineups we’re going to see this year in UFC betting Main Events then this has been a pretty good year, indeed.

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