Is There Any Chance At All That Sonnen Will Defeat Silva In UFC 117 Betting Action?

December 2, 2010 UFC

Just every MMA fan that has seen the Main Event in the upcoming UFC 117 betting has asked him/herself this question: Is there any change at all that Chael Sonnen will defeat world champion Anderson Silva in this UFC 117 odds matchup? The answer is no.

There is no way on earth that Silva loses this UFC 117 betting matchup to Sonnen.  Although, Silva’s antics in his last fight may raise some serious questions about how seriously he takes his MMA betting matches these days or if he’s got some personal agenda against UFC President Dana White and it’s possible he might use the forum of the UFC 117 betting Main Event to toy with him, but even then it’s hard to imagine Silva losing.

In April when Silva took the ring against Demian Maia it was one of the strangest fights in MMA betting memory.  Silva basically toyed with and insulted Maia for several rounds and then refused to engage for the rest of the fight, even earning a warning from big John McCarthy.  But he didn’t lose.  And he won’t lose in this UFC 117 odds matchup either.

It’s hard to know how this fight will unfold.  Perhaps this UFC 117 betting matchup will unfold with the same kind of nonsense as Silva’s previous fight but he’ll still win.  His pride as a fighter won’t allow him to take a loss, and it might be bizarre, ugly and frustrating but when the final bell dings Silva will still be the UFC middleweight champion.

Silva may have lost some of his quickness in recent years and perhaps some of his power but he’s still the best pound for pound fighter in UFC betting, likely the world.  There may be some fighter out there that can challenge him, perhaps even beat him in the Octagon, but it’s certainly not Sonnen.

After a string of breathtaking UFC Main Events the UFC 117 betting matchup is, admittedly, a bit of a disappointment.  Sonnen has a lifetime MMA betting career of 24-10.  He is a realtor.  And a little over a year ago he was choked out by Meia, the same fighter that Silva just finished embarrassing in April.

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