UFC 117 Betting Odds: Silva vs. Sonnen for the Middleweight Title

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

But anyone that is going to splurge on the pay-per-view UFC 117 betting package on August 7th is spending the money to see one single fight and that’s the middle weight championship match featuring belt holder Anderson Silva and challenger Chael Sonnen.

Anderson Silva is a man that needs no introduction to this UFC 117 odds match up.  He is the best pound for pound fighter in the world and has won 12 straight matches leading up this UFC 117 betting event.  He has dominated this weight class and this sport in a way that no other fighter has in the history of UFC betting.

With a career record of 27-4 he simply has no weaknesses and it will be all but impossible for Sonnen to defeat him in their upcoming UFC 117 odds matchup.  Silva simply has no weaknesses.  He is an expert martial artist and one of the best submission fighters in the business.  He also just might be quickest striking fighter in the UFC betting competition, as evidence by his 16 KO victories, and he can beat you in almost any fashion he chooses.

Sonnen is a solid fighter but he is basically a career punching bag who at 33 years old has seen his best days in the Octagon come and gone.  He is a seasoned veteran with a career record of 35-10 but he really no chance at all in the UFC 117 odds event.  The best he can hope for is some kind of meltdown on Silva’s part, something akin to what happened last time Silva was in a UFC odds event.  But even with the crazy antics Silva still won the fight easily with a one solid round of striking.

Sonnen was a wrestling champion prior to the UFC betting career and he’ll look to get Silva on the mat early.  However, Silva is particularly good at submission techniques as well.  However, if Sonnen tries to keep on his feet he’s likely to get KO’d. 

For Sonnen, there really isn’t any good opportunity to win this UFC 117 odds contest.

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