UFC 117 Betting: Picking Winners on the Main Card

December 2, 2010 UFC

On August 7th the Oracle Center in Oakland, CA will come alive with the inside stuffed to the rafters with MMA fans as they all come to see what could be the legendary Anderson Silva’s last match at the UFC 117 betting event.

Silva lost his marbles in his previous fight and ran around the Octagon instead of engaging his opponent.  No one knows his motivation for his antics but UFC president Dana White already publicly stated that if he doesn’t fight right in the UFC 117 odds action he’s finished.  And White is a man who says what he means and does what he says.

With that in mind, here is a list of winners in the Main Card action for Saturday’s big event:

Silva vs. Chael Sonnen–Silva is ten times the fighter that Sonnen is.  In fact, even in normal circumstance this is huge mismatch and a strange pairing.  Look for Silva to destroy Sonnen in this UFC 117 odds matchup and continue being the most dominant fighter in MMA history.

Jon Fitch vs. Thiago Alves- Fitch (22-3) is a rising star in the welterweight class and this is his moment to ‘do or die’.  He’s won his last four bouts and although Alves will be his toughest fight yet he’ll come out on top of this fight which very well could be the Fight of Night at the UFC 117 betting action.

Clay Guida vs. Rafeal dos Anjos- Many MMA fans is probably asking why Guida is still featured on the Main Cards and there’s no good answer for that.  Dos Anjos got off to a rough start to his UFC career but he seems to have figured things out.  Look for the Brazilian to clean the mat with Guida.

Matt Hughes vs. Ricardo Almeida- Matt Hughes (44-7) is one of the toughest men in MMA and nobody wants to see him as their opponent in the Octagon.  Almeida has yet to win a big match against a big name opponent yet in his UFC career and he has a chance to win this one.  Hughes has gone just 2-2 in his past two bouts, but look for him to pull out the win in this UFC 117 betting matchup.

Roy Nelson vs. junior dos Santos- This could be the most lopsided match of the night.  Santos is on his way to a title shot and should dispatch of the mediocre Nelson with little trouble.

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