What Can UFC 117 Betting Fans Expect From Anderson Silva

December 2, 2010 UFC

There is little question now among MMA betting experts who the best pound for pound fighter in the world is and fans will get a chance to see him in action during the UFC 117 betting action.

Anderson Silva has dominated the UFC betting competition like no other fighter in the history of sport.  But after his goofball performance in his last UFC Main event it’s hard to say what kind of performance fans can expect in the upcoming UFC 117 betting action.

On August 7th, 2010 Silva will climb back into the Octagon for first time since his bizarre fight in April.  It was perhaps the strangest performance ever in a UFC betting event and certainly the weirdest fight that the Silva has ever been a part of.  For nearly the entire five rounds Silva simply ran around the Octagon avoiding contact with his opponent and hurling insults.

Hopefully there will not be a repeat of that performance in the UFC 117 betting event.  Silva is much better than that and even he apologized afterwards for the strange behavior in the ring.  Most likely that is all in the past now and fans will get see the same old Anderson that they know and love when the UFC 117 betting action gets underway.

Silva won the April UFC betting by unanimous decision and pushed his winning streak to an unbelievable 12 straight matches.  If everything goes according to plan he’ll have 13 straight wins after the UFC 117 betting event.  When Silva is at his best no one in the UFC betting competition can beat him.

Even when Silva is at 75% percent he’s still the best fighter in the middleweight class and will likely continue to be so until he retires from MMA betting action, which might not be too far in the future.  He has met all the challenges that UFC has been able throw his way, beaten all his opponents and truth be told, he seems to be a bit bored.  How else can you explain his behavior in his last UFC betting event?

UFC 117 odds makers will make Silva the huge favorite in the betting lines against Chael Sonnen, a good fighter, but not near Silva’s ability.  And Silva should win the match easily.  The only one that beat Silva is he, but that won’t happen in this UFC Main Event.