Why Shane Carwin Will Win the UFC 116 Odds Battle

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

There is little doubt in the sports betting world as to which fighter in the upcoming UFC 116 odds competition will win the battle of the hype.

Brock Lesnar, a global superstar who became well known the world over during his tenure as a heavyweight champion in the WWE is about a billion times better known than his UFC 116 betting opponents, Shane Carwin.  Lesnar will easily win the battle of the hype and likely draw more attention in the UFC 116 odds as well.

But in the real battle, the fight in the octagon, it would be very difficult to imagine that Carwin didn’t come out the victor.  Both of these men are impressive athletes, massive humans with muscles rippling everywhere and quick as cats.  Both men have impressive athletic pasts and both are former college wrestling champions.  No one doubts their strength or athletic ability but the upcoming MMA betting event is not a world’s strongest man competition and it’s definitely not a wrestling match.  It’s MMA fighting and based on their UFC betting records, Carwin should cruise through the upcoming UFC 116 betting match.

Lesnar is mere novice when it comes to MMA betting and even more so when it comes to fighting in the UFC odds events.  The UFC 116 odds matchup will be just his sixth fight in the UFC.  That’s not a misprint.  In his previous five UFC betting fights he has a record of 4-1.  That’s hardly enough to make him a favorite against a veteran MMA fighter like Carwin.

Carwin, holder of the Interim UFC heavyweight title is a veteran MMA fighter and is undefeated in his UFC betting career.  There’s little reason to believe that he’ll suffer his first loss in the UFC 116 odds competition against a novice like Lesnar. 

At 12-0 in his UFC betting career, no one has yet been able to defeat Carwin.  He’s a perfect 12-0 with 7 Kos against much more experienced fighters than Lesnar.  Lesnar may one day grow into the great UFC betting champion that Dana White and the other suits want him to be, but right now he’s nowhere near the caliber of fighter that Carwin is and that’s why Carwin will push his record to 13-0.

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