UFC 116 Odds Preview: Silva Could Have His Hands Full vs. Akiyama

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

MMA betting fans familiar with the sport know that Japan has a rich history when it comes to cage fighting and mixed martial arts and on July 3rd in Las Vegas at the UFC 116 odds event fans will get to see one of Japan’s finest fighters in action.

While most of the UFC 116 betting action will be on the Main Event headliner between two giants, Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin, the savvy UFC 116 odds bettors will be looking over the entire Main Card to find a suitable fight to bet on and the match between UFC betting veteran Wanderlei Silva and Yoshiro Akiyama might just the matchup of the night.

Silva has been in the UFC betting action for what seems like an eternity.  And more or less he’s been a middle weight punching bag.  It’s obvious he’ll never be a UFC betting champion but every time it looks like he’s on his way out he scores anther MMA wagering victory against a semi-big name in the sport and he earns another match at a UFC Main Event betting gig.

With a career record of 33-10-2 and come big time wins and losses on his record it’s safe to say that Silva’s best fighting days are behind him.  In the past eight MMA betting matches running up the UFC 116 betting event he has a combined record of 1-7.  Granted, he’s lost to some very good fighters like Rampage Jackson and Chuck Liddell, but let’s face it, he’s on the decline and he’ll have his hands full trying to defeat Akiyama (aka Sexyama) in the UFC 116 odds competition.           

In fact, Sexyama might just be the next big thing in UFC betting.  At 34 years old he’s hardly a novice to MMA betting events but he’s a relatively unknown in the US and has just one UFC betting event under his belt.  But this guy has to potential to be very dangerous with a career record of 13-1-0 heading into the UFC 116 betting action.  He’s an accomplished martial artist but has the power to trade blow with any in the weight division. 

Look for Akiyama to put Silva on the mat early and often in this middle weight matchup.

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