UFC 116 Betting: Schaub vs. Tucscherer on Spike TV

December 2nd, 2010 UFC

On paper The UFC 116 betting will be fast and furious, the same as any other UFC betting event.

And any sports fan that’s familiar with UFC betting knows how exciting the MMA odds matchups are at these events.  The UFC 116 odds makers have been slaving over the matchups and the Main Card events for the UFV 116 betting event have received plenty of play.  But some of the more interesting matches at UFC betting events are often the undercard matchups.

At the UFC 116 betting that remains true.  And thanks to the relatively new partnership with Spike TV sports betting fans can actually watch some of the top UFC 116 odds matchups without having pay-per-view.

One of the more interesting matchups in the UFC 116 odds is between heavyweights Brendan Schaub and Chris Tuchsherer.  These big men will be a nice warm up for the late night fireworks between UFC betting champ Brock Lesnar and challenger Shane Carwin, and it might even be a much better fight and better UFC 116 betting opportunity.

Neither of these fighters is that entire well known, but both have impressive MMA betting records.  Tuchsherer, the more established of the two fighters has a career record of 18-2-1 but hasn’t been fighting long at the UFC Main Event level.  This will be his third UFC odds matchup and he’s got a record of 1-1 in his previous two UFC betting events.

Schaub is relatively new to the MMA betting scene and has a career record of just 5-1.  Like his opponent he’s only fought in two UFC betting events prior to the UFC 116 odds matchup and has a record of 1-1 in UFC events.  The interesting thing about Schaub is that all of his matches have been decided by knockout, including his loss to Roy Nelson. 

When Schaub and Tuchsherer finally climb into the Octagon together we can probably expect to see this fight settled by knockout as well.  Tuchsherer is starting to age a bit at 34 years old and will not be as precise.  There should be plenty of opportunity for the younger rising star, Schaub, to land a few blows and get the victory in this UFC 116 odds contest.

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